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The Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Gabby (left) and Isabelle Amoroso choose some of the many animals in a charcoal river scene on a 14-foot scroll that is part of Wendy Bale’s exhibition at the Crary Art Gallery.

Students in the Warren County School District School District’s Afternoon Learning Enrichment Program discovered art and the environment during an outing on Tuesday.

Over 60 students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 from LEAP visited the Crary Art Gallery.

There they enjoyed the works in the Waterfront: Up and Down the Riverbank by Wendy and Sandhill Bill Bale from Jamestown, NY

A riparian zone is the area that borders a river or other body of water.

Wendy Bale’s works are in cut paper and charcoal. His subjects in the riparian area include many familiar animals and plants that one might see in Warren County.

The Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry Mackenzie Amoroso is at the height of the “river” in one of Sandhill Bill Bale’s waterfront art furniture at the Crary Art Gallery.

For the show, Sandhill Bill Bale cut slabs of wood down the middle, then turned the outside edges – the uneven parts that are often cut and discarded – inward and used them as banks in his riparian art. .

The students spent an hour and a half in the gallery.

They watched an introductory video about the artists and what they do, then moved around the gallery, looking at the works – both those in the exhibition and those on display at the gallery. The students also worked on coloring pages created by Wendy Bale from parts of the show.

the “Decisive part” in the show, according to Wendy Bale, is a charcoal 14-foot scrolling river scene that features many species of animals.

The show opened on July 10 and will end on August 1.

“I integrate art and music throughout the program”, LEAP program director Jen Check said. “It was an opportunity we had. They are so nice to do this.

The students enjoyed the outing. “They seem pretty excited about it”, Check said.

LEAP was launched with the aim of providing additional enrichment opportunities for 21st century program students.

“With school closures due to COVID last year, there is pressure to prevent students from going through the typical ‘summer slide’ and LEAP was created this year to offer a fun, based approach. activities to focus on math and reading skills. , “ she said.

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